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This is the manual for the English membership registration page. The order page is in Japanese, so we have prepared a manual. Please compare this page with the actual membership registration page to complete the membership registration.

※You cannot purchase on this page.

Member information registration

Please fill in the required information in the form below.
Please use your e-mail address as the login ID.

NameRequired Example: Taro Yamada
Name againRequired Example: Taro Yamada
Email AddressRequired Example)
Email address confirmationRequired
PasswordRequired  * 8 to 16 characters
Password confirmationRequired
Date of birth Year Moon Day Example) January 01, 1970
Phone numberRequired - - Example) 00-0000-0000
Zip codeRequired - Example) 0000000
MunicipalitiesRequired Example) Shibuya Ward
Enter the rest of Address Example) 1-1-1 ○○ Town
Phone number (company) - - Example) 00-0000-0000
Zip code (company) - Example) 000-0000
Prefecture (company)
Municipality (company) Example) 1-1-1 ○○ Town, Shibuya-ku
cell phone number - - Example) 000-0000-0000
Mobile email address Example)
Fax number - - Example) 00-0000-0000

Membership agreement and handling of personal information